Abortive Trial

Definition - What does Abortive Trial mean?

An abortive trial refers to any trial that is heard by any court that is required to be terminated before the trial has reached its natural end—a verdict. The term abortive trial is a term that is typically only used by people working in the legal world such as judges, lawyers, paralegals, etc.

Justipedia explains Abortive Trial

As mentioned, an abortive trial can happen in any sort of trial setting and in any court of law. It can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, a trial must be aborted if a jury cannot by chosen because of too many people on the voir dire panel are biased or prejudiced against one or the parties in the case or one of the issues being addressed in the case. Furthermore, a trial can be aborted due to extreme outside circumstances. For example, most trials during 9/11 were aborted a re-tried at a later date.

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