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Wrongful Constructive Discharge

Definition - What does Wrongful Constructive Discharge mean?

Wrongful constructive discharge is an illegal termination of an individual's employment or forcing a person to quit their job due to being placed in harassing, intimidating, or threatening situations by management or at work in general. It is a legal claim that differentiates a claim from a simple wrongful termination to show that the claim derives as the result of illegal actions that were constant in nature and which stretched to placing the employee under too much stress to be able to continue working.

Justipedia explains Wrongful Constructive Discharge

If an employee can show that they were wrongfully constructively terminated they will receive monetary damages as a result because it would be an impossibility to believe that the situation that gave rise or merit to the claim would not continue. This legal action can be taken by an employee through a tribunal such as the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

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