Wrongful Discharge

Definition - What does Wrongful Discharge mean?

Wrongful discharge is when an employee is fired from a position in an unlawful manner. Employees who believe that they have been wrongfully discharged can sue their former employees for damages. If they win the case, then the employees can collect damages from their former employers. Wrongful discharges are different from lawful forms of firing, where the firing is justified.

Justipedia explains Wrongful Discharge

Examples of circumstances that may qualify as wrongful discharge if a person is fired over include being absent due to jury duty, race, religion, refusal to participate in unlawful behavior, such as scamming customers, etc. There are a wide variety of thing that could potentially qualify as wrongful discharge. Things that would not qualify as wrongful discharge include failure to complete duties, working under the influence of drugs, prolonged absence without a legitimate excuse, etc.

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