Wrongful Termination

Definition - What does Wrongful Termination mean?

Wrongful termination is the term that used when someone is fired unlawfully by an employer. There are many types of wrongful termination. All rely on the fact that the termination breaches at least one of the tenets of employment law. The contract of employment would be adhered to and relied upon to determine whether a termination is wrongful or not. Any situation that does not follow the process outlined and agreed to in the contract would be subject to consideration and review by an employment tribunal.

Justipedia explains Wrongful Termination

If a contract of employment does not adhere to both state and federal laws, it can be rescinded and the part of the contract that is not backed by law would be ignored. Both sides of the contract have agreed to the terms. The employer is not able to change them after signing the contract. If an employee is fired in contradiction to the agreement, they are able to take a case against the employer in a special court. They can be awarded several times their average annual salary.

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