Youthful Offender

Definition - What does Youthful Offender mean?

A youthful offender must meet two requirements to be deemed as such. The first is that the person is between the ages of 14 and 21. Second, the crime committed must not be serious in nature. Meeting these requirements allow a person to be tried as a youthful offender. The sentence will be lighter and aimed towards rehabilitation.

Justipedia explains Youthful Offender

In some states the limit for a youthful offender is 18. If a person is convicted as a youthful offender, their rehabilitation program will be designed for their release to coincide with either their 18th or 21st birthday.Being under this age threshold does not automatically qualify a person for a youthful offender sentence. In most states, the option is open to try anyone over the age of 14 as an adult in heinous crimes such as murder or rape.

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