Zone of Danger Rule

Definition - What does Zone of Danger Rule mean?

The zone of danger rule is a rule that provides legal qualifications for plaintiffs who are filing lawsuits against parties that they claim caused them significant emotional distress.

The zone of danger rule states that the plaintiff must have both been in the zone of danger that could have potentially caused serious harm, and must also have been legitimately frightened of being harmed in order to be awarded damages.

Justipedia explains Zone of Danger Rule

Often, negligence can lead to significant emotional distress by causing traumatic events. For example, if a logging company accidentally forgets to tie down the logs on its truck and then spilled them all over the highway during rush hour, this could be quite a traumatic event for those in "the zone of danger." People around the scene could be entitled to damages from the logging company if they suffered emotional distress and were qualified under the zone of danger rule.

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