Zone of Interest

Definition - What does Zone of Interest mean?

A zone of interest is a group of things that a law or statute is supposed to protect and regulate. A zone of interest may be protected by a constitutional law or by a statute. Zones of interest are often relevant when a plaintiff is challenging a state action or ruling.

Justipedia explains Zone of Interest

If an injury or a claim does not fall within the context of a zone of interest, then a plaintiff's case will not likely hold up. For example, if a law states that the state has the obligation to make sure that bridges are safe, and an injury occurs as a result of a bridge collapse, then the plaintiff may be able to claim that their injury was in the zone of interest for this law. However, if the plaintiff's injury occurred because someone deliberately destroyed the bridge, then it might not, because the state may not be liable for injuries caused by intentional bridge destruction.

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