Agreed Statement

Definition - What does Agreed Statement mean?

An agreed statement is a statement about a particular fact in a lawsuit that two or more parties in the lawsuit agree is correct. Agreed statements must be signed by all of the relevant parties in the lawsuit. Once they are signed, they can be used in the court case to resolve any disputes or confusion about the issue.

Justipedia explains Agreed Statement

The purpose of agreed statements is to resolve any disputes about a particular piece of evidence of a particular fact relevant to the case. For example, if the timing of an event is very important to a trial, and both the defendant and the plaintiff agree that the event took place at 8:00 pm, then they can make an agreed statement saying that this is the time that they event took place. However, just because agreed statements exist does not mean that opposing parties in a lawsuit always agree about facts. On the contrary, they often disagree.

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