All the Estate I Own

Definition - What does All the Estate I Own mean?

All the estate I own refers to the sum total worth of a person's estate at the time of death. An estate includes personal property, real property, investments, etc. Estates can be passed on to beneficiaries through a will. In a will, a person names the beneficiaries and the property that he or she would like to pass on to them.

Justipedia explains All the Estate I Own

An example of the phrase "all the estate I own" being used would be a person who writes, "I pass on all the estate I own to my spouse," in a last will and testament. In this case, the estate refers to the total net worth of the person. It could include a house, stocks, cars, cash, artwork, furniture, etc. Because the spouse is named as the sole beneficiary, the spouse would receive the entire estate.

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