Attorney's Fee

Definition - What does Attorney's Fee mean?

An attorney's fee is the financial compensation that is paid in return for services provided by the attorney. Attorney's can get paid in a few different ways. They can receive an hourly rate, a flat rate, a statutory fee, a court-approved fee, or a contingent fee. Regardless of how the attorney gets paid, they are trading their legal services for financial compensation

Justipedia explains Attorney's Fee

Although being an attorney involves helping justice be served, it is still a job. This means that people who participate in this occupation trade their services for financial compensation from those whom they serve. It is the obligation of the person who is seeking the services of the lawyer to pay the lawyer's fee unless the lawyer is working pro bono (for free) or unless the lawyer has been appointed by the court. If the lawyer was appointed by the court, then the tax payers pay their salary.

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