Booby Trap

Definition - What does Booby Trap mean?

A booby trap is a concealed weapon or device that is designed to inflict harm on a person once he or she triggers activation. In the context of the law, it is illegal to booby trap one's property to prevent intruders. A person who sets up a booby trap on his or her property can be held liable for injuries sustained to others by the booby trap, even to intruders.

Justipedia explains Booby Trap

There are many different types of booby traps. For example, explosives, sharp objects, guns, electronic devices, wires, etc., can all potentially be booby traps.

Booby traps are often an issue in international wars and are regulated by the Geneva Conventions. People who use booby traps in their homes simply to protect their property can still face legal consequences. Booby traps have different rules to other weapons that are used for self-defense. The legality can vary from weapon to weapon.

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