Cestui Que Trust

Definition - What does Cestui Que Trust mean?

Cestui que trust is an old French term that means "the one who trusts." In the context of the law, cestui que trust means a beneficiary of a trust. A beneficiary of a trust is the person who is entitled to all of the rights and privileges established by the trust. This can mean gaining access to assets such as money and land.

Justipedia explains Cestui Que Trust

People often set up trusts so that they can have a third party manage assets for a beneficiary. This could be because the beneficiary may be too young to manage the assets themselves, because the grantor wants the assets managed in a certain way, or for other reasons.

It is common for people to leave money and real property to their children or grandchildren in trusts. In such cases, the children and grandchildren would be the cestui que trusts.

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