Cestui Que Use

Definition - What does Cestui Que Use mean?

"Cestui que use" is a Latin term that means a beneficiary of trust. Beneficiaries of a trust are people who are entitled to certain property that is distributed to them through a trust. In the context of the law, trusts must be carried out according to the terms of the grantor, or the person who set up the trust.

Justipedia explains Cestui Que Use

The term "cestui que use" has primarily been replaced with the term "beneficiary" in the legal field. Beneficiaries can receive a number of different types of properties in a trust. These can include land, buildings, money, vehicles, etc. People often set up trusts and name their descendants as beneficiaries in order to pass property from one generation to the next. Also, people often set up trusts in order to pass along property to charities.

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