Claim Against an Estate

Definition - What does Claim Against an Estate mean?

A claim against an estate is when a person files an official document claiming that a person who has recently died owed him or her money. If this is proved to be true, then part of the decedent's estate can go to the claim filer in repayment of the debt. Claims against an estate must be filed within a certain amount of time after a person dies.Claims can also be made against a bankruptcy estate.

Justipedia explains Claim Against an Estate

An example of a claim against an estate could be a contractor who has recently done $10,000.00 worth of work on the decedent's home, but was not paid before the decedent died. In this circumstance, if the claim is approved, then the person may have a right to have the debt repaid from the estate of the decedent. The amount of time that a party has to file a claim against an estate after a person dies is typically from four to eight months. After the allotted time period in each state, no further claims against state are allowed to be filed.

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