Definition - What does Counselor mean?

A counselor is a person who gives advice or guidance in a legal sense. This term is synonymous with the term "attorney" or "lawyer." Counselors participate in trials and help the legal system function. In order to become a counselor, a person must obtain a Juris Doctorate degree from a qualified law school. A person must also pass the bar examination.

Justipedia explains Counselor

Counselor essentially just means lawyer. However, the word counselor places emphasis on the fact that a party is being counseled. People seek the help of lawyers or counsellors because they are experts of the law. So, a lawyer is there to provide counsel to the party who needs legal help. This is why lawyers are often referred to as counselors.

Counselors receive payments for the services they provide. However, if a person accused of a crime cannot afford a counselor, then the state provides one.

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