Definition - What does Deliberation mean?

Deliberation is a careful consideration with the goal of reaching a conclusion. It frequently involves a discussion and an analysis of facts or relevant details. At the end of a trial, a jury will take part in a deliberation to try to determine whether the defendant is innocent or guilty. These deliberations allow the jury the time to process and assess all of the evidence and testimonies of the trial

Justipedia explains Deliberation

A deliberation is a chance for a party to evaluate something. In trials, it is necessary for juries to be able to deliberate. Doing so gives the jurors the time they need to discuss the trial with one another. During a deliberation, jurors can compare notes and opinions. The goal is that these discussions will help the jury process the information better in order to reach a more accurate verdict. Sometimes jury deliberations are over very quickly. Sometimes they take much longer.

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