Eminent Domain

Definition - What does Eminent Domain mean?

Eminent domain is the ability of the government to seize private property to use for public purposes. According to the Fifth Amendment, the owner of the private property should be given just compensation if their property is seized for public use. If the government is using eminent domain to take private property, the owner of the property is entitled to due process

Justipedia explains Eminent Domain

Essentially, eminent domain is just a power that the government has to take private property that is needed for public use in exchange for just compensation. Examples of times when the government may require the use of eminent domain include the facilitation of transportation, the securing of water supplies, the construction of public buildings, and defense readiness. In order to protect individuals from being forced to give up their property without payment, the Fifth Amendment specifically mentions that the government must provide just compensation for such seizures.

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