Definition - What does Employer mean?

An employer is a person or a group of persons or a company who hires others to perform services in exchange for wages or a salary. Employers can be individuals or companies of all different sizes. A single company can employ thousands of people. There are many different types of employers all over the world. In order for people to work for companies, it is necessary that there are employers to provide the jobs.

Justipedia explains Employer

Employers are essentially just people who hire other people to work jobs. A local coffee shop is an employer to all of the people who work there. Apple Inc., is an employer to tens of thousands of people across the world. Employers come in all different shapes and sizes. Employers play a key role in society because they help to provide jobs to many citizens. In order for an economy to function properly, it is necessary that there are enough jobs. Employers who create jobs help society.

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