Definition - What does Enclosure mean?

An enclosure is a property that is surrounded by a boundary such as a fence, a wall of shrubbery, a ditch, etc. The purpose of creating an enclosure with some sort of boundary around it is to control access to the property and to prevent trespassing.

In the context of the law, it can also be used to delineate property lines.

Justipedia explains Enclosure

Legal disputes can occur if boundaries marking an enclosure overstep their lines. For example, if a person puts up a fence around his yard that is on his neighbor's property, or that is too tall and blocks his neighbor's view, this could create a legal dispute. In such a situation, the neighbor could file a lawsuit against the person to try to get relief from the perceived violation. The result of the lawsuit would determine whether or not the person would have to alter the fence.

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