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Definition - What does Encroachment mean?

Encroachment Is the unlawful intrusion or trespassing upon another person's rights, property, or domain. These intrusions can occur over a short amount of time or over a long amount of time. An example of encroachment would be a person extending their fence into the property of another without permission.

Justipedia explains Encroachment

Encroachment basically involves one person's legal boundaries being infringed upon by another person. This term is commonly used in reference to property lines. However, it also refers to infringement of rights. For example, an employer who creates unlawful policies which violate certain amendments of the Constitution could be said to be encroaching on the rights of their employees. If an individual feels that they face encroachment, they can appeal to the legal system for help. If the accused party is found guilty, then punitive action can be taken as a consequence.

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