Enter a Judgment

Definition - What does Enter a Judgment mean?

Enter a judgment refers to a court clerk literally entering a judgment into a judgment roll. The court clerk does this by recording the exact wording of the judgment of a case by a judge, and transcribing it into the judgment roll. Judgments are made as final rulings on cases to determine whether an accused party is guilty, or responsible for a particular action.

Justipedia explains Enter a Judgment

An example of a judgment being entered would be if, at the end of a trial, a judge makes the statement, "The defendant is found guilty of breaking and entering," and the court then transcribes that statement and enters it into the judgment roll. Judgment rolls serve the purpose of providing official documentation of court rulings. They can be referred to later on by the courts to examine the outcomes of cases. They are also used to keep track of judgment dates to be used in parole proceedings.

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