Equal Opportunity

Definition - What does Equal Opportunity mean?

Equal opportunity is a right which protects citizens against discrimination in various areas. These areas include employment, housing, education, etc. There are a number of federal and state laws which are designed to protect this right. This right protects citizens against discrimination for gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation (in certain circumstances), disability, and color.

Justipedia explains Equal Opportunity

Equal opportunity laws exist in order to prevent discrimination and keep the playing field level for everyone. If an individual believes that they have been discriminated against for any reason that violates equal opportunity law, then they can file a lawsuit in court. Equal opportunity is an extension of the American concept that all men are created equal. Equal opportunity helps to ensure that everyone is treated equally. Many employers advertise that they are "Equal Opportunity Employers." This is to demonstrate to prospective employees and to government agencies that they do not discriminate for any reason.

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