Definition - What does Ingress mean?

Ingress refers to a person's legal right to enter a specific piece of property. This term is commonly used in property law to describe the rights of a person with an access easement on a property. If a person has an easement, then he or she can ingress a property according to the terms of the easement.

Justipedia explains Ingress

Easements are often given when a person has to travel through the property of another to get to his or her property. For example, if a person's home is located behind the home of another and the person can only reach his or her home by going down the driveway of the other, then an easement may be granted to him or her. In such a case, the person with the easement would have the right to ingress on the person's property, whereas people without the a easement would not have that right.

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