Injunctive Relief

Definition - What does Injunctive Relief mean?

Injuctive relief is relief, or a break, from a particular action or lack of action that occurs as the result of a court-ordered injunction. Courts commonly order injunctions to tell a party to do or stop doing something immediately to prevent a perceived potential injustice that could occur if the injunction is not ordered.

Justipedia explains Injunctive Relief

Injunctive relief is commonly sought if a party believes that its rights are being violated, and he or she wants to remedy the situation immediately. For example, a company may seek injunctive relief if it believes that another company has stolen its intellectual property, and is currently profiting from it. In such a circumstance, the person may ask the court to deliver an injunction to the accused company in order to get them to stop using the intellectual property, and thus grant the original company injunctive relief.

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