Definition - What does Injury mean?

Injury is a damage to someone or something that results in a loss of certain aspects of health or proper condition. Legally speaking, one party can be held responsible for injuries sustained to another party if the first party is proven to have caused it. Injury can be caused directly or through negligence.

Justipedia explains Injury

Injuries can include physical harm, such as a broken leg, as well as other injuries such as an injury to the reputation through slander. In many cases, one party believes that another party is at fault for the injuries they have sustained. Trials help the parties get to the bottom of who is at fault. Injuries can be caused as a result of a willful act by one party causing harm to another. They can be caused by accidents such as car accidents. They can also be caused by negligence such as a surgeon ignoring proper procedure during surgery. In any case, the person or persons who are found at fault are the ones who must bear the legal consequences.

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