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Irreparable Damage or Injury

Definition - What does Irreparable Damage or Injury mean?

Irreparable damage or injury refers to a level of damage or injury where no amount of monetary compensation can correct the damage or injury. The damage or injury cannot ever return to its original state. In order to ask a jury or judge to issue a restraining order or injunction for a person to take action or omit from taking action, irreparable injury is usually required to be shown.

Justipedia explains Irreparable Damage or Injury

The examples of what can constitute as irreparable damage or injury are quite vast. However, some examples of irreparable damage or injury are as follows:

  • If a waste company dumps waste into a stream that the city uses for its clean water supply, then irreparable damage or injury has occurred.
  • Failing to give medication to a person who is in dire need of the medication is considered to be irreparable damage or injury.
  • Tearing down a structure or building can constitute as irreparable damage or injury.
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