Judge Advocate General (JAG)

Definition - What does Judge Advocate General (JAG) mean?

A judge advocate general (JAG) is a legal authority within the military who helps the government to deal with court-martials. When a court-martial occurs, the defendant has legal counsel and judge advocates appointed to him or her by the office of the judge advocate general.

Justipedia explains Judge Advocate General (JAG)

A judge advocate general is basically a high-ranking legal official who aids the military in court-martials. The military has its own justice system that is different from the civilian justice system. Many of the procedures are the same. However, instead of a jury of peers, the military uses its own personnel to decide the verdicts. The judge advocate general appoints the people who make these decisions after hearing the trial. The judge advocate general is basically responsible for making sure that court-martials are run properly.

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