Definition - What does Land mean?

Land is an area on the surface of the Earth. This could include a section of a forest, a piece of a meadow, a lake, etc. A person who owns a piece of land owns the soil and plants that make up the surface of the land, as well as any structures on top of the land, the minerals below the land, the airspace above the land, and the rights to use the land or build on it.

Justipedia explains Land

Land is property in the form of a delineated segment of ground. Land can be bought and sold, just as other property can be. The person who owns the rights to the land can develop it or build structures on it as he or she sees fit. Land can also be leased to other people. For example, a person who owns a piece of land, which is believed to contain gold, may lease the land to a mining company in exchange for a percent of the profits that the company makes on the gold that they extract from the land.

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