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Lesser-Included Offense

Definition - What does Lesser-Included Offense mean?

A lessor-included offense refers to a situation where a person can be held criminally guilty or civilly liable where a person could be found guilty or liable under a number of different causes of action. Each have a varying level of guilt or liability. If someone has committed a serious crime, than can also be charged with less serious crimes that share the same elements.

Justipedia explains Lesser-Included Offense

A lessor included offense can be incurred by a person for numerous different reasons and under both civil and criminal law. For example, a person who is found guilty of a DWI or a DUI could also be found guilty of Reckless Driving since Reckless Driving has all the same elements to it that receiving a DWI or a DUI would have. The only difference here is that Reckless Driving is a lessor-included offense.

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