Multiplicity of Suits

Definition - What does Multiplicity of Suits mean?

Multiplicity of suits is when several lawsuits exist regarding the same issue, and have the same facts.

The courts try to avoid multiplicity of suits, as it can be a large waste of time due to the repetition of presenting the same facts, witnesses, etc. Instead, they try to consolidate suits when they are about the same exact issue.

Justipedia explains Multiplicity of Suits

The court's time is valuable, and there are usually always more cases to be tried. So, if it makes sense for it to consolidate cases to avoid duplicity of suits, then it often does. For example, if a fire hydrant malfunctions and causes injuries to three people, the court may choose to consolidate the resulting three personal injury cases into one. This way, the facts can be presented for all three individuals together, instead of having to have three separate cases for each individual.

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