Definition - What does Owner mean?

An owner is someone who possesses the right to control or have authority over a specific piece of property. For example, the owner of a piece of land has the right to choose if they would like to build a house on it, if they would like to farm the land, or lease the land to others to farm, etc. Ownership applies to smaller items as well. For example, a person who buys a vacuum cleaner at a store is the owner of it.

Justipedia explains Owner

An owner is basically just someone who legally controls something. This is similar to, but not exactly the same as, possession. This is because someone who possesses something, even though they may control the item, does not necessary have the exclusive legal rights of control over that object. For example, a person who steals a car may be in possession of the car, but is still not the owner of the car because it was not theirs to control by law. That right belonged to the person the car was stolen from.

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