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Prima Facie

Definition - What does Prima Facie mean?

Prima facie is Latin for "on its face." This term can be used in reference to a case or to evidence presented in a case. When prima facie is used in reference to a case, it means that the plaintiff has presented a argument or a claim that is legitimate enough to require a rebuttal. When it is used in reference to evidence, it means that the statement of fact is clear, coherent, and also requires a rebuttle to be proven untrue. In short, it is something that appears to be true at face value. These things are generally the essence of the case at hand.

Justipedia explains Prima Facie

Prima facie is a term which basically means that whatever is being presented appears to be legitimate at the first site. This could mean that a case appears to be legitimate or that evidence appears to be legitimate. Prima facie is an important qualification for plaintiffs seeking to get a court to hear their case or for parties presenting evidence in a trial. In both cases, the goal is to have the court declare that whatever is being presented appears to be legitimate and requires further investigation, or a rebuttle.

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