Definition - What does Privacy mean?

As a legal term, privacy is used in both Constitutional and civil law. It is the right of people to make personal decisions for themselves without intervention of government or any third party. Privacy also allows for people to live their lives in any way they want as long as it is legally compliant with federal and state laws. This idea also extends to the right of a person to have their personal details kept to themselves. If they are shared with any other person or place, there is an onus and an expectation on the place to not divulge any person's private details.

Justipedia explains Privacy

Although the right to privacy is enshrined in the US Constitution, it was not relied on in court until 1890 when Samuel Warren and Lewis Brandies wrote a paper titled 'The Right to Privacy.' It clarified the definition of this inalienable right. Since then, the idea relied on throughout the generations and still stands in the same original form.

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