Pro Tem

Definition - What does Pro Tem mean?

Pro tem is short for the Latin term pro tempore which means a stand in or substitute. It is normal for the legal process on both the representative solicitor level and the hearing or sitting judge to have a course of action in place to follow if the situation arises where one person appointed to a role within a case cannot continue their role continuously and needs a break. Since the court case would not be allowed to break up, a substitute official is chosen to continue in the place of the person who could not.

Justipedia explains Pro Tem

This term is used widely within employment law as well to signify a temporary worker that is hired to fill in for a permanent worker for a set period of time. All municipal and governmental agencies also have this system as it is a requirement for a person to fill each job duty that is deemed necessary. The terms pro-tem and pro-tempore are interchangeable.

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