Definition - What does Probation mean?

Probation is a sentencing measure given in some criminal cases where the judge decides not to allocate jail time to the defendant. Terms of probation are given such as rehab, community service, not leaving the state, anger management, and not committing any further crimes. The terms for probation will vary depending on the jurisdction and the crime. If the defendant keeps to the terms of the probation, they will not go to jail. If they break the terms, they may be incarcerated.

Justipedia explains Probation

Probation is usually only given once and in cases where the defendent does not have any prior charges and is not likely to reoffend. The case must not be a high felony for probation to be considered. Random drug testing is a normal part of probation terms and any offense will see the person immediately jailed for the length of time the judge suspended when the probation was issued.

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