Probative Facts

Definition - What does Probative Facts mean?

Probative facts are the underlying facts surrounding a legal matter that are brought up during a court case to establish the existence of a fact which proves guilt or liability. Direct evidence is established through the application of probative facts. It can either prove or help to prove a case, as in the case of indirect evidence. Only probative facts will be considered admissable in court.

Justipedia explains Probative Facts

Within a court hearing, there can be many types of questions posed by either the plaintiff or the defendant. While there is an understanding that only facts or subject matter which has the ability to prove or disprove a fact should be included, both sides will attempt to take a more broad latitude in order to get other facts out that may not prove an issue but would cause others to think in a certain way about the issue. It is up to the attorney on the other side to object to these facts as they arise and then the judge to decide if the fact is relevant before proceeding or giving any weight to it.

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