Definition - What does Proceeding mean?

A proceeding, better known as a legal proceeding in the legal world, refers to a situation wherein a court of law invokes its powers in order to accomplish a task.

"Proceeding" is a very broad term in the legal world, and can refer to nearly anything that takes place in or under the guidance of a court of law.

Justipedia explains Proceeding

The most well-known situation in which a legal proceeding takes place is a lawsuit. The lawsuit itself is one major legal proceeding in which a legal issue is resolved under the guidance of a court of law. However, each specific section of the lawsuit is also a separate legal proceeding.

For example, after the lawsuit has been filed, the court might need to decide if the court where the lawsuit was filed is the correct court to hear the case. The hearing that takes place in order to decide this smaller issue within the larger lawsuit is also known as a legal proceeding.

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