Property Damage

Definition - What does Property Damage mean?

Damage to a physical asset or personal property that is done both intentionally and unintentionally is referred to as property damage. This can be any physical item.

If damage is done to property as a result of a criminal act, such as drunk driving causing an accident, the damage that is done will be considered property damage. An unintentional example of property damage can be found in a car accident. Most car accidents are just that: accidents. However, if someone's property is damaged, it is still considered property damage.

If a person who damaged the property is found guilty by the court, they will be ordered to pay the costs to repair the damage as well as an extra amount usually for time, stress and to act as a deterrent toward future acts.

Justipedia explains Property Damage

The amount of money that can be gained through the courts for an act of property damage is limited by the court. If insurance compensation is available to relieve and repair the damage, it can be a mitigating factor as to the amount of costs that a person will be ordered to pay for said damage.

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