Actual Eviction

Definition - What does Actual Eviction mean?

An actual eviction is when a tenant is physically forced to leave the premises. This happens in cases where the tenant ignores a proper eviction notice and is still inhabiting the property after the date to leave. The landlord is able to call the police and effect an actual eviction that physically forces the tenants to leave the property. Any items which are left behind by the tenants after an actual eviction is able to be seized and sold by the landlord or thrown away. The tenant has no right to re-enter and no responsibility to pay further rent after this type of eviction.

Justipedia explains Actual Eviction

Actual evictions can also take place through court order such as an injunction when there is imminent threat to a property that only removing the tenant immediately will remedy. Unless it is an extreme circumstance, actual evictions are the last remedy a landlord.

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