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Definition - What does Services mean?

The term service in the legal world typically refers to the way in which a person or entity is told that they have been sued by another person or entity. Other than filing the lawsuit, providing service to the opposing party is the first thing that must be done in order to begin a lawsuit.

Services are also intangible offerings of businesses (including attorneys) to individuals or other businesses. Using an attorney as an example, their services can include filing lawsuits, defending lawsuits, writing wills, writing contracts, providing business and tax advice, and other things.

Justipedia explains Services

Typically, once a lawsuit has been filed, the plaintiff will tender service to the defendant through a process server who is hired or through the mail. However, a process server is typically needed when the defendant knows he or she is getting sued, or when the plaintiff is unsure as to where the defendant lives. The purpose of hiring a process server is to have somebody who will take the time to track down the defendant and ensure that the defendant receives service of process.

In the instance of services provided by an individual or a business, it is something that a person or a business will provide at the request of another person or business. A landscaper provides a service. Lawyers provide services. Doctors provide services. Companies can provide different services such as marketing, customer support, and other service based offerings.

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