Three Strikes, You're Out

Definition - What does Three Strikes, You're Out mean?

The three strikes you're out law applies in the State of California although there are several variations in place in other states. It was enacted in 1993 and essentially calls for a mandatory life sentence imprisonment for any person that commits a crime when they have committed two previous felonies. The first two crimes committed must have been something that the person received a previous sentence. The third crime can be any infraction of the law.

Justipedia explains Three Strikes, You're Out

This law has drawn dividied opinions because it can see people jailed for life on the basis of a minor infraction of the law. The constitutionality of this law is often drawn into question although it has remained in effect since its inception. Critics argue that it goes against a person's right to serve a sentence for a crime committed and have that be the end of the incident.
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