Definition - What does Tortfeasor mean?

A tortfeasor is a person who does something that is considered to be a civil wrong, and this action results in some type of harm done to another person. Acts of civil wrong, or torts, are different from criminal acts. So, tortfeasors who are found to be responsible for a civil wrong are not punished in the same way that a criminal is punished. Instead, tortfeasors usually have to pay damages to the party who sustained harm as a result of his or her actions.

Justipedia explains Tortfeasor

Examples of wrongs done by tortfeasors include trespassing, negligence, product liability, causing of emotional distress, etc. So, an example of a tort case where a person may be sued is if a business owner puts out a product that injures another party. For instance, a restaurant may accidentally serve food that causes patrons to get food poisoning. In this case, the patrons may sue the restaurant for damages. The restaurant owner would be the tortfeasor in this case.

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