Social Services

Definition - What does Social Services mean?

Social services are services offered by the government which serve the purpose of helping disadvantaged people obtain various types of benefits. Social services are paid for by taxpayers. People who need help economically can appeal to social services to try to receive benefits. Some examples of social services include help with child support collection, TANF, and SNAP.

Justipedia explains Social Services

Examples of benefits that social services provide include subsidized housing, health care, subsidized food, etc. Social services basically act as a financial aid for the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the poor, and anyone else who may be in need and meet the qualifications required to receive benefits. Social services also works with people who experience other social issues such as domestic violence, and child abuse. The department of social services can help people who are in need in these situations. People who may be concerned about a neighbor or someone else abusing their child can also contact social services for help.

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