Breach of Care

Definition - What does Breach of Care mean?

A breach of care is when one party has a responsibility to take care of, or to perform a duty for another party, and the former fails to act in accordance with that responsibility. If the failure to perform the responsibility results in an injury, then the party presumed to be at fault can be held liable, and can be sued in a court of law.

Justipedia explains Breach of Care

An example of a breach of care would be if a doctor is charged with prescribing the correct drugs and/or dosages for a patient, but he or she prescribes the wrong drug. If the patient then takes the drug and this action results in an injury, the doctor could be sued for breach of care. Because doctors take care of so many people, and these people are often in life-threatening situations, doctors are particularly vulnerable to these types of incidents, and thus breach of care lawsuits.

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