Definition - What does Reconsideration mean?

A reconsideration is a second look at a decision that has been made in court. Reconsiderations are requested when one party in a suit believes that there may be cause to reverse the decision that has been made. Reconsiderations are very similar to appeals. Reconsideration requests can be approved or denied by the administrative judge who made the initial decision.

Justipedia explains Reconsideration

Parties involved in a lawsuit are not always satisfied with the decisions that a judge makes regarding the relevant issues. For example, in a divorce case, the male spouse may not be satisfied with the amount of time that the judge has decided that he is allowed to spend with his children. In this situation, he may try to get his lawyer to request a reconsideration on the ruling. If the judge feels that there is reason to reconsider then he or she may choose to permit the reconsideration. However, the judge may also choose to deny it, in which case, the male spouse would be bound by the original determination.

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