Means Test

Definition - What does Means Test mean?

A means test is a specialized test designed to determine how a person is coping financially. The test is a required part of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and it assesses whether a person can cope financially, or is entitled to file for bankruptcy. The levels at which a means test would be considered to be high or low would change based on the demographics of the area in which the bankrupt person resides, as each area has a different cost of living.

Justipedia explains Means Test

A means test is a consideration of the assets and liabilities of an individual in order to determine whether they have enough money to pay their bills or if they are entitled to file bankruptcy due to being too overextended to ever catch up. There is no limit to the number of items that can be considered in any one means test; this is determined by the individual factors and situation of the person filing bankruptcy.
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