Definition - What does Arrest mean?

An arrest is the act of legally restraining an individual. In a legal capacity, arrest implies that there is a level of entitlement or obligation to do so. A police officer is instilled with the legal authority to arrest a person when said individual is believed to be in violation of the law. Any criminal action that is reported to the police can initiate the arrest of a suspect for further interview or in order to put the person in front of a judge to determine guilt or innocence. Arrests can also be made for safety reasons.

Justipedia explains Arrest

In order for an arrest to be deemed legal, it must be done either by a person entrusted under law to monitor and prevent crime (i.e. a police officer) or by a person or group who does so for the sole purpose of detaining a person until the police arrive. In any case, the person under arrest has to be detained in a legal manner: without any more restraint than is necessary. There are also several other procedures that law enforcement officers must follow during an arrest, such as the reading of Miranda rights.

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