Definition - What does Conviction mean?

A conviction is a decision made in criminal court cases which resolves whether the defendant is guilty of the charge brought against them. In a courtroom setting, it is the prosecutor who attempts to get a conviction against the defendant. The defense attorney has the job of representing the defendant. The term is synonymous with being found guilty or having the judge rule that the defendant is guilty.

Justipedia explains Conviction

Convictions can be altered through being 'plead down' to a lesser charge. This is called accepting a plea bargain or a plea deal. Convictions of certain types will put a criminal offender in a position that would make them unable to travel to certain countries. Some convictions have greater implications such as a conviction for drunk driving. The greater implication for a conviction of drunk driving is that the criminal offender's drivers license will be revoked for a set length of time. Some convictions can stand in the way of gaining certain types of employment such as working around children.

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