Criminal Judge

Definition - What does Criminal Judge mean?

A criminal judge is a judge within the legal system that specifically works within the criminal justice field. All of the cases that a criminal judge oversees fall under the category of criminal law. Common cases heard by a criminal judge include robbery, murder, rape, theft and arson.

Since a criminal judge specializes in criminal law, he or she will only sit and hear such types of proceedings, and will not be sent to hear other types of cases.

Justipedia explains Criminal Judge

A judge is a person who is employed by the government to enforce the law through the use of their assessment and adjudicatory skills. Judges have been assessed by the court system, and have been deemed to possess the ability to evaluate information in an unbiased manner for the purpose of determining whether or not actions on behalf of one party legally impinge on the rights of another party. Because these legal issues can take many forms, categories of judges have been established in line with the different categories of courts. A criminal judge will have experience in judging criminal matters.

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