No Bill

Definition - What does No Bill mean?

No bill refers to a specific term that a Grand Jury Foreman writes onto the Bill of Indictment once they have convened. Writing the words "no bill" onto the Bill of Indictment indicates that the Grand Jury found that there was not sufficient evidence presented to the Grand Jury to warrant a criminal prosecution.

Justipedia explains No Bill

When the Foreman of the Grand Jury writes the term "no bill" across the indictment charges against an individual, the criminal prosecution is generally stopped. However, there are certain instances where a prosecutor can ask for a court of appeals to review the Grand Jury’s finding. Yet, it is very rare that a Grand Jury’s finding is overturned by the Court of Appeals. Generally, there must be some type of egregious procedural error for the Court of Appeals to determine that an appeal is necessary.

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